Event Details

Race Date Sunday, 24 Sep 2017
Race Venue Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po
Hotline 21171650
Fax 21170023
Email race@hktria.hk
Website http://www.hktria.hk
Certificate of Achievement HK$30/each
Race Pack Collection Arrangement The race pack collection arrangement will be emailed to participants.

Application Fee

Course Application Fee >Refundable Deposit
Fee >Ankle Tag and Straps Deposit
Super Challeage
This category is full
HK$330 HK$100
Sprint Challenge
This category is full
HK$290 HK$100
Super Kid
This category is full
HK$180 HK$100
Super Challenge Relay
This category is full
HK$990 HK$100
Sprint Challenge Relay
This category is full
HK$790 HK$100
Aquathlon Pro
This category is full
HK$210 HK$100
Aquathlon Fun
This category is full
HK$150 HK$100

Participants MUST RETURN the Ankle tag and straps immediately after crossing the Finish Line. The deposit (HK$100) will be forfeited if participants didn’t return the Ankle and Straps.
>Your deposit will be returned on event day.
>The full amount of deposit will be refunded to the participant if participant bring his/her Ankle tag and straps to ‘Information Center(Heliport) after race.

Route map


Each participant will receive one Event Tee Shirt

T-shirt Size

Size 3XS
Width(cm) 41 43 44.5 47 50 53 56
Length(cm) 53 56 64 66 68 70 72

Tee size availability is provided on a first come first serve basis during registration and subject to stock condition during race pack distribution. The organizer does not warrant any request in size.
If there is no option of the particular size in the enrollment system, it means this size already out of stock. No size can be changed after enrollment.

Shuttle Bus Service

Below are the shuttle bus pick-up points for participants on race day, estimated arrival time: 4:45am
*Please arrive on time


Pick-up point (Tentative)
Departure time
Ticket Fee *
(Every Trip)
Tin Hau: Lau Sin Street Tin Hau 4:00am HK$60/ Head
HK$45/ Bike
Mong Kok: Macpherson Playground Mong Kok 4:15am HK$60/ Head
HK$45/ Bike
Shatin:Pai Tau Village Shatin (MTR Shatin Station Exit B) 4:30am HK$40/ Head
HK$45/ Bike
Tai Po Market Station
Tai Po Industrial Estate Dai Shing Street Car Park
4:30am-10:30am HK$15/Head
HK$15/ Bike
Pick up point
Tai Po Tai Mei Tuk Bus Station
Drop off point:
Tai Po Industrial Estate
8:30am-1:00pm HK$15/Head
HK$15/ Bike

#Parking is available in Tai Po Industrial Estate, drivers could interchange our shuttle bus go and back between Tai Po Industrial Estate and Tai Mei Tuk Bus Station.